Spanish Dirty Words

Recently I did a one-day project looking for a the Spanish equivalent for a list of dirty words (“jerga“) in English.  The “equivalence” wasn’t to be merely transliteration (a one-to-one, direct correspondence — like mierda for shit), but also a translation or interpretation where the context of word use is similar in both sets of language speakers although the literal or even figurative meanings may be completely different (like pinche for fuck, although pinche does not demonstrate the same level of vulgarity or have anything to do with copulation, real or simulated).

So, here it is. The list is far from complete owing to the huge variety of Spanish-speaking dialects & cultures.  I will be very happy to update the list with any feedback or contributions y’all might have — leave a comment!

SEARCH RECOMMENDATION: I have noticed that people are putting in the Search box several words at a time, such as “dirty talk espanol pechos tetas.”  Putting in more than one word may result in No Results Found because the search engine is looking for all the words at one time.  In the example, if you left out “dirty talk espanol” and just searched for “pechos tetas,” the search engine will take you to the this (Spanish Dirty Words) page.

The second part to this recommendation is that, when you are on this page, use your browser’s Find feature to find terms on this page.  For instance, in ALL modern browsers, pressing the keyboard keys Ctrl + f will activate your browser’s Find feature.  Use that feature to find words on this page, one word at a time (not a phrase).

NOTE: I check the terms & phrases people are searching for. I’ll put the answers to some of them at the very end of the list and in the Comments area.  Some things like “hell” (infierno) or “hairy, bushy” (peludo) aren’t dirty words, really.  But I’ll put them there anyway.

Another NOTE: some terms we use in English are of French origin and have accents on certain letters. If you don’t find something like «ménage à trois», try for a word with no accent (like ‘trois’) or an equivalent expression, like “threesome.”

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