Seed v Pit; Semilla v Hueso

I love my friends! Here we are, sitting on the beach and Deb suddenly erupts with excitement to discuss why Spanish uses the word hueso (bone) for pit; and at what point is a semilla (seed) different from a hueso.  She issued me a challenge, and I accept.  Love, love, love my friends.

The analysis focuses on two aspects: 1) why two terms, and 2) why ‘hueso’.  (Emphasis added to stress that ‘why’ is the purpose of the exercise.)

Why Two Terms

Super easy — according to botany sources, the seed is what germinates, and the pit (vulgar variation of ‘pith’) is a core.


I ran across an ooooold dictionary English definition for seed: “that Matter which in all Plants and Continue reading

Soul of Happiness

A super-dear friend of mine, with whom I’ve been a soul-mate and “brain-lover” (as we have labeled it) over the many years we have known and interacted with each other, has been caught up in a whirlpool of ambient negativity and misfortunes. Over the past 6+ years, I have watched as the personality I cherished began to wither, deteriorate, and crumble leaving what appeared to be a quivering, lost soul without matter, direction or agency.

Her recent living has consisted of underpaid and unfulfilling jobs in companies staffed by petty, small-minded, and sometimes downright evil humans; she has lost half of her retirement fund in the economic “down-turn”; and has contended with the usual stresses Continue reading

Cost of Living Freshly

I don’t know what I would have amounted to if I hadn’t found characteristics that I wanted to be part of me. Parents, relatives, friends, non-friends, animals…admirable things. It’s hard for me to imagine a person passing through his/her developmental stages isolated from influences beyond cause & effect, influences that extend our consciousness beyond our physical being to include the more mental and social.

I have a number of friends that have skillsets and characteristics that I just love, and I want them. Um, the skills and characteristics, sillies. One friend, Beau, is an amazing time-manager with an ability to get things done in the most laid-back, casual (and Texan?) way. Among his mantras: “Every successful project starts with a willingness to Continue reading