The Seed of Individualism Was an Appleseed

I’m not a psalmist, but I like the lateral-logic character of a psalm. This post requires both linear and lateral thinking. Written as more of a political lamentation in reaction to the apparent disconnect between a person & a job.This post is divided into two main sections: the foundation for me-ism and a political manifestation.

I think the root of all evil is selfishness. After all, why did Adam & Eve even want to bite into the forbidden apple from the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil? It represented a sin (a deviation from the harmony of living within the Grace of God) because of the necessity to take one’s eyes off the divine whole and assume the mantle of harmony into the self: God’s-eye knowledgeability without the knowledge of good & evil.

Suddenly they realize they’re naked. They hide themselves in shame.

Naked: the self looks upon itself and applies an evaluation based on criteria that judges self-worth, worthiness, appropriateness.

Naked: unfinished, incomplete.

Naked: exposed to [judgment, the elements].

Naked: me vs. not me.

Naked: just me.

New-borns with themselves as the measure of themselves.  A circle with a spiral focus animated by free will and the will to be divine without knowledge of what that means.

Meaning: significance of, import of, purpose of … reference to Continue reading