Encrusted lantern of Grace

Let’s say that Christ is “The Light” of God’s unconditional Grace; and Christians are the lanterns.

And anything beyond Christ’s direct teachings is extrapolation. We know about extrapolation: the farther away you get from the source, the thinner the connection to the core truth.  (This is different from refinement of understanding.)

Imagine now years and years — thousands — of extrapolation. We can see them like geographical layers of history in the earth’s surface; or layers of colored wax that accumulates with each dip of the wick into a vat of molten wax.

Imagine now the rings of extrapolated crust or colored wax around a lantern. How much light do we actually expect to get through?

Today’s christianists and dominionists are not Christian. They have straightened the path, paved it with gold, and lined it with nice fruit trees and water wells. They shelter it so that no rocks, rifts, or bumps occur that would cause them to stumble as they skip through life worrying about how well other people are skipping on the road of their making and without considering the path at all.

Some aren’t even skipping. They’re standing in the middle of this road, content that as long as they’re on something shiny, they at least have a seat at the location where it supposedly leads.

But both types of gold-pathers consider holiness to be in the encrustment and just the right type of skipping. They fancy the effort they make to polish the road or even to pave it or plant the fruit trees as merit, as layers of holiness by which they will be recognized when arriving at their supposed destination.

They have confused the journey and what they (would) find on a path to righteousness with their paving toils and protecting the path from debris — temptations and the ungodliness of others. Their “job” isn’t really a relationship with a divine being, but rather it is with a path they think this being will approve of.

They are Pharisees in the truest sense of the word.

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