God didn’t make them JUST male and female

I read a couple of articles dealing with the transgender kid who committed suicide because her parents, although loving her “unconditionally,” rejected a great deal about her on religious grounds. That rejection manifested itself on so many cruel levels, including “God doesn’t make mistakes…God’s going to send you straight to hell.”

Some thoughts:

1. God “made them [standard] male and [standard] female.” Makes it sound like there’s an absolute dichotomy, always. Generally speaking, it’s true. But speaking specifically, it’s NOT true. We are a puddle of chemicals where our development and outcome rely on what substances are released at what time in what (utero) environment.

The reality is there is a considerable spectrum of “intersex” physical configurations, which can manifest as gender dysphoria.

From the Intersex Society of North America: “… the sex spectrum is like the color spectrum; nature provides us with a range where one ‘type’ blends imperceptibly into the next. For our linguistic and social convenience, we break that spectrum into categories.” Nova presents a list of intersex “conditions” on the spectrum, which should be enlightening for anyone to whom this topic really matters.

Our brains are part of the mix, and our brains vary in structure as well along a continuum. Gender Dysphoria can result from being ” assigned a gender that doesn’t work for [you].”

If we consider, then, that “God does not make mistakes,” we can still say that it’s true given any physical spectrum; however, humans *do* make mistakes, which leads me to point #2.

2. The set of books chosen out of a collection of books that were selected to become the “Bible” is not absolute or exhaustive on every matter, context, or condition. That is to say that because something is not mentioned in Bible does not therefore ascribe non-existence or any sort of exclusionary judgment on that something. Variations, spectrums, or non-standard contexts, are not covered. Extrapolation from a specific context to cover all contexts is fallacy (and, frankly, lazy).

The point is, the Bible is not often exhaustive in any matter. What we see in the ‘God doesn’t make mistakes’ argument is that the absence of mentioning other things means those things are deliberately excluded. Yet nowhere is the sex-life of married couples, for example, discussed or even how marriage ceremonies are to be conducted or other reasons why, besides being horny, that you should get married.

How things are accomplished in the Bible is very rarely specified, but rather we see guidelines for conducting, recognizing and regulating activity to establish a path in how to, supposedly, love.

We also see in this argument an underlying assumption that the standard dichotomy we see means that anything in between — any variability — is an unholy anomaly.  By that reasoning, Down Syndrome humans should be considered unholy, because having more chromosomes than you should is obviously a mistake.  BUT since it’s not sex oriented … and in sexuality, we can’t of course have the same sort of variability as in other human configurations … this is evil and has to be wrought by personal choice.

The net is that God didn’t make them JUST male and female. He made also the spectrum of being. Not recognizing that or glossing over that in favor of black & white dogma is not God making the mistake. It’s you.

2 Responses

  1. 5 simple chemistry facts that everyone should understand before talking about science

    This seems like a simple concept, but many people seem to struggle greatly with it, so let’s get this straight: all matter is made of chemicals. You consist entirely of chemicals. All food (even organic food) consists entirely of chemicals. Herbal remedies consist entirely of chemicals, etc. So, when someone says something like, “I don’t vaccinate because I don’t want my child to be injected with chemicals,” they have just demonstrated how truly uninformed they are, and you can be absolutely certain that they don’t know what they are talking about because all matter is made of chemicals.

  2. From wikipedia:

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intersex , which includes discussion of ambiguous genitalia and biological causes, among a spectrum of other topics


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