Whom do we know by what fruit?

One of the things that used to bother me about the Christian God is the silence He maintains at being so egregiously represented, the way Allah is by Daesh (the word ISIS hates to refer to them). The silence leads the stupid and the self-righteous to arrogate a false legitimacy unto themselves, as though silence implies consent or approval.

That false legitimacy is powerful in its venom on themselves and those around them, such as what the “end times” perspective has on the evangelical world view (re: Michele Bachmann), what young-earth position does to warp scientific legitimacy, and what Genesis’ “take dominion” has done to separate man from nature. They try so hard to mold society in an image they think He will approve of (or not punish them for) as though they can’t take the chance that when Christ returns, He really won’t be able to establish The Kingdom on earth as He claimed. They must do it instead.

Then I thought: wait a minute! Ya know, maybe the Creator’s reputation is not threatened by horrific misrepresentations by humans. We really aren’t as important to His self-esteem as we’d like to think He should be! His glory is not a reflection of our success or failure to be like Him. After all, entire nations have been destroyed in the name of Christ; treasures stolen; people murdered and subjugated; lies and false witness institutionalized; hate and bigotry propagated; knowledge perverted and stymied.

Do we really think that all that was His will — the Creator’s likeness? Really? Why didn’t He course-correct?

Or maybe He didn’t have to. There is the unspeakable alternative: maybe He IS represented by these things and He doesn’t care what those who aren’t like that think! Do we know them … or HIM … by their fruit?

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