Fallacy can make for bad signposts


The assertion that the Bible got something “wrong” is a pre-assumed conclusion using our modern-day perspective on slavery. I think it is better to assume that a journey toward the divine starts off with infancy and continues to mature (which is what so many Christians have “wrong” themselves thinking nothing can change).

That the Bible addressed the mores of its time does not mean the practice was condoned, but rather it was an attempt to find the spirituality available in the moment.

It’s also a fallacy that is used by Christians and non-Christans alike to say what wasn’t condemned was therefore condoned (as easily as what was mentioned is all there is).

3 Responses

  1. The problem of the Bible getting something wrong is only valid if one is trying to live by it as though it were a prescriptive rule-book, with rules that dictate rather than guide.

    But if we assume the Bible is more about becoming Christ-like (spiritual), then anachronistic “mistakes” in what happens in the mundane human machinations is irrelevant as far as it bears on what can learn from them.

  2. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-205_162-57573239/researchers-may-have-found-a-viking-sunstone/

    That’s because of a property known as birefringence, which splits light beams in a way that can reveal the direction of their source with a high degree of accuracy. Vikings may not have grasped the physics behind the phenomenon, but that wouldn’t present a problem.

    You don’t have to understand how it works [to use it],” said Albert Le Floch, of the University in Rennes in western France. “Using it is basically easy.”

    The point of this quote is to point out that more primitive understanding and beginnings are not necessarily “mistakes,” but rather steps on the road to maturation. Unfortunately, most Christians see neither the Bible nor the maturity of the Body of Christ in this way. This highlights the hypocrisy that so many people see when remarking on the world the literalists live in compared to what they should be living in if all the Levitical tenets were practiced.


  3. I love this comment from Michael Sendrowicz:

    Although I love Dan Savage, the facts on this one don’t hold up. (1) that isn’t the shortest book in the New Testament. (2) Paul appears in this book to be decidedly ANTI slavery.. asking the man’s “owner” to welcome him back “NOT as a slave, but as a brother.” Not the best example to use to support this claim. Let’s leave dissemination of bad facts to fox ‘news’.

    Re: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=646563155354666&set=a.115969958413991.17486.114517875225866&type=1&ref=nf

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