National Maturity: Apologies by Obama

I just read The Heritage Foundation’s list of “Top 10 Apologies” by Barack Obama and the “humiliation of a superpower.”

Every one of these so-called apologies were reassurances that the previous admin’s isolationist and unilateral & dictatorial policies that soured most of our world relationships would not be part of his administration. While we made missteps that ran contrary to actual “American values”, we were going to refocus and align our policies with our values.

That doesn’t mean weakness of resolve, but rather realignment to values to achieve the same end. (Isn’t this what we try to teach our children, in the home and in schools?)

The THF frame also tries to tie weakness in the eyes of the world to re-alignment with real values, preferring fear and domination without heed to values.

Or is fear and domination the values the THF thinks most American?

If we look at the flipside of what THF implies via apology to be American values, we can conclude: Torture is an American value. Dictatorship is an American value. Spying on our citizens is an American value. Slavery is an American value. “We don’t need you” is an American value. “We’re better than you” is an American value. “We’re not a team player” is an American value. “We know better” is an American Value.

Acknowledging “past errors”, as framed by THF, is humiliating. So un-repentant and brazen Pride and Arrogance are the ultimate American values.

I don’t think we all share this perspective, preferring something more … adult? (what has been called “naïve”).

“Human endeavor is by its nature imperfect. History is often tragic; but unresolved, it can be a heavy weight. Each country must work through its past. And reckoning with the past can help us seize a better future.” ~Barack Obama

Sounds like maturity to me.


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  1. My thought about domination and fear is that these only put a cap on a jar of festering resentment.

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